Ricoh’s latest research for 2017 has revealed what really impresses consumers online, in 3 key stages: ‘Reach, Respond and Retain.’ We’re calling this the ‘Triple R’ of customer experience. Regardless of size, becoming a Triple R company is possible for all. Although top-rated brands in our full report are drawn from the 2016 Forbes Global 2000 list, 53% of respondents felt smaller businesses cared more about customer service. Here’s how you can become a Triple R rated company too:

  1. Simplify and streamline processes

If your business is to have the agility to react quickly to customers’ demands, having streamlined and simple processes is essential. You should think first about digital work-flows, then you can free your employees up from admin tasks to respond to your customers quickly.

  1. Invest in business intelligence

Having the right tools to collect, interrogate and deploy the data your business accrues is vital. This in turn will give you better quality communications with your customers, and insight into your business efficiency.

  1. Build accurate, detailed pictures of customers

For the full insight, we recommend you download the report below. But the key takeaway must be, personalisation is the differentiator between good and great in business today. Brands that understand the individual needs of their customers outperform those that don’t, so personalisation always pays.

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