Ricoh’s latest research, entitled ‘Triple R’ investigated the online experiences of 2,000 European respondents. We discovered that many brands respond well to customers, for example Pandora, Christian Dior and Adidas. However, others performed poorly and were left lagging behind. What are the common mistakes that brands make when interacting with customers, and how can you avoid them?

  • They only think about their website

Many companies believe that UX starts and ends with the website. This is short-sighted. If you neglect the entire purchasing experience, you risk losing the customer altogether. 50% of consumers believe that brands only pay attention to prospective customers. So ensure there’s no disparity between pre-, during and post-purchase experience.

  • They don’t make forms simple to complete

An incredible 91% of customers would stop a transaction if they found it difficult to buy a service or product. This means that online forms and navigation between products should be easy. Delivery should also be efficient and flexible to suit needs.

  • They don’t think about post-purchase

One of the main frustrations highlighted by European customers was the final stage of the purchasing journey. Slow response times, difficult to find service enquiry forms and lack of personalised answers made the experience leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths.

If the long term goal of all companies is retained custom, then responding to customers effectively throughout the buyer journey is vital in today’s digital marketplace. Read the full insight report below:

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