Ricoh’s latest research, ‘Triple R’ measured customer journeys across a diverse range of European brands. We discovered that 52% of consumers would spend less, or fail to purchase altogether if a brand didn’t meet their expectations.

Why is this?

Globalisation and digitalisation have created a highly competitive marketplace. As e-commerce grew 14.2% last year in Europe, the number of retail channels and products available online continue to expand. Consumers are faced with more choice than ever before. So, engaging with your audience effectively has never been more vital:

  • Make your customer feel valued

Our research across 2,000 European respondents found 57% spend greater amounts of time with brands that make them feel valued. This means gaining the competitive advantage is less about slim margins and more about personalisation of your communications.

  • Pay attention to the data

As consumers shop online they leave behind a trail of detailed data when they interact with you. This includes abandonment rates, repeat visits and location data. Utilise these to make your customer experience as tailored as possible.

Shockingly, our research revealed that 60% of consumers believe that brands don’t care about customer service at all. An easy way to offer an empowered, enjoyable customer journey is to pay attention to the smaller details. The rewards? You win the long-term loyalty of your customers.

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