Are small and large businesses equally positioned to achieve digital maturity? Both sides view the integration of new technology and digital into their work processes as paramount. However, recent research by Ricoh shows that SMBs see the race to digital maturity as an opportunity to exceed their larger competitors.

Faster Processes

According to research, a much larger proportion of small business leaders (39%) believe that they will reach digital maturity within two years, compared to just 25% of leaders from large organisations. For small business leaders there is little doubt as to why the path to digital maturity appears more straightforward. 79% believe that their company has an implementation advantage over enterprises given that they can optimise processes quickly.

Smarter Tech

The integration of emerging technology into workplace processes is an central to becoming digitally mature, so small business leaders have a reason to be confident. Larger organisations are also more likely to face legacy infrastructure problems. An overhaul of their processes to accommodate new technology will likely be more difficult than for smaller businesses.

Paying the Price?

Despite the confidence of small business leaders in their proximity to digital maturity, they are not as confident of its financial rewards as their larger counterparts. For example, 81% of enterprises see a positive link between digital maturity and profits, whereas only 73% of small business leaders are confident of this connection.

So while small and large businesses see reaching digital maturity as a necessity, it is SMBs that are more confident in their ability to achieve it. Once small business leaders begin to lay out the practical steps required to achieve digital maturity, they may become more confident of its positive financial rewards.

Find out who will win the race to achieve digital maturity. Download the full infographic below.

Find out who will win the race to achieve digital maturity! Download the full infographic below.

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