Employees know that technology is a necessity in the modern workplace, not a choice. A recent report by Ricoh canvassed 3,500 employees across Europe and found that 70% of respondents believed younger generations are better prepared for adapting to new technologies. Why is this?

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Adopt or fail

Our report, ‘Empowering Digital Workplaces’ suggests that employees see technological integration as essential. 31% think that a failure to invest in new technology is the largest inhibitor of their business. 35% believe their business will fail in five years if they do not implement new technologies. Employees know they will have to use technology if they want their organisation to succeed, and younger generations may be the key to this.

Young employees are used to adapting to new technology. 71% of employees say that they have to learn to use a new digital tool every year. But one third of employees say they don’t get the best use out of common technology, like MS Office and PCs. Younger employees are more likely to be ‘digital natives’, who have been using digital technology since childhood. There is a fear that younger employees are better prepared for the technological age.

Youthful optimism

A staggering 98% of employees are enthusiastic about new technology entering their workplace. And 38% think that in the future they will be in a job that does not exist yet, due to new technology driving change. Young employees are open to digital technology empowering them, and opening new career paths. Employees of all ages are ready to adopt new technology, but they agree that they need training to do so.

67% of employees believe that their employers need to put a greater emphasis on training. New technology will transform organisations only if it empowers and involves employees. Employees want to see leadership adopting technology not only to profit themselves. They want technology to add value to their organisation and their workforce. All generations are eager to work with new technology to improve their businesses. To do that they need managerial support and training.

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